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Finding Journal Articles

You can retrieve journal articles by searching either from the main screen or by selecting a specific database.

1. Directly type keywords into the search box. Filter by resource type and select 'Articles' from the drop down menu. (Figure 1). From your results list, you can use additional filters from the left side to limit your results: to only scholarly articles from Peer-Reviewed Journals, refine by Publication Date, narrow by Subject and more. 

Library home page with arrow pointing at filter by resource type.

Figure 1



2. To search for a specific journal title and to find out if that journal is available in print or online, type the journal title in the Search box and choose “Journals” from the tab at the left of the search box.  (Figure 2).


Library home page with arrow pointing at filter by resource type.

Figure 2  


3. To search for articles within a specific database, i.e. CINAHL, PsychArticles, Chronicle of Higher Education, Literature Resource Center, scroll down the main library page to the section titled Collections. Select Library Databases for an A-Z listing.  Selecting a specific database allows you to do a more targeted search for articles within a particular field of study.


  • Read your search results carefully to discover other useful keywords, subjects or ways to further refine your topic.
  • Click on the article title to read a short description of the article contents before accepting or rejecting it. Do not choose your articles by the article title alone.
  • Articles that are not within the Coulter Library's collections, may be obtained through our Interlibrary Loan service.  

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