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Research: Evaluate Your Sources: Media Bias & Fake News

What is Peer Review, How to evaluate websites

What is Fake News

Fake News is:

  • Authentic material used in the wrong context 
  • Imposter news sites designed to look like brands we already know
  • Blatantly, intentionally false
  • Hyper-partisan (displaying extreme political bias) 
  • Manipulated content 
  • Parody, satirical or patently absurd content

"Creators of fake news and fake news sites use facts from verified news outlets and layer it with misinformation to intentionally confuse and misinform the reader." The power of Fake News is that when confronted by both the fake news and verified news, people tend to simply discount both the misinformation and the facts!



Be Aware of Media Bias

Fact Checking Resources

Tools for verifying images:

Found an image you think may have been manipulated or photo-shopped? Use these tools to check for any digital changes:

Need Help?

How to Spot Fake News

fake news infographic

Fake Stats

Look out for Dubious statistics

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