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Research: Evaluate Your Sources: What does Peer Reviewed Mean?

What is Peer Review, How to evaluate websites

Evaluate your sources

Consider these guidelines when reviewing your sources ...

  • Authority: Who is the author? What is their point of view? 
  • Purpose: Why was the source created? Who is the intended audience?
  • Publication and Format: Where was it published? In what medium?
  • Relevance: How is it relevant to your research? What is its scope?
  • Date of Publication: When was it written? Has it been updated?
  • Documentation: Did they cite their sources? Who did they cite?

What does peer-reviewed mean?

Peer-reviewed journal literature is considered the highest form of scholarship.

Peer-Reviewed articles:

  • Are submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed or scholarly journal
  • Have gone through a rigorous evaluation by a board of scholarly reviewers in the subject area of the journal. 
  • Are reviewed for quality of research and adherence to editorial standards of the journal, before they are accepted for publication.



Need Help?

Video: Peer Review in 3 Minutes

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