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Here are tips for a successful research project

The Research Process - Key Steps

Step 1. Identify and Develop your topic

  • Select a Topic
  • Develop Research Questions
  • Identify Keywords
  • Review Background Information
  • Refine your Topic and create Thesis Statement

Step 2. Locate information 

  • Use the library catalog to find Books, E-Books, Videos and more
  • Use the library databases to find scholarly or historical newspaper articles 
  • Find authoritative Websites

Step 3. Evaluate and analyze information 

  • Evaluate your Sources
  • Primary vs Secondary sources
  • Scholarly vs Popular Periodicals

Step 4. Organize and write your paper

  • Taking Notes
  • Outline the Paper
  • Incorporate Source Material
  • Annotated Bibliographies [if required]

Step 5. Cite your sources

  • Avoid Plagiarism 
  • MLA Citation Style 
  • APA Citation Style


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Finding Resources

The Research Process

The Research Process poster

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