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3D Design & Printing: Home

What is 3D Design & 3D Printing

3D Design is the creation of a 3-dimensional (3D) object inside of simulated software.

3D Printing, or additive manufacturing, is a method of creating 3D objects from a digital model by using a 3D printer to deposit successive layers of material.  A 3D model representing an object is "sliced" into layers and then printed one layer at a time on a special printer. These layers are fused together as they are printed to create the desired object. 

What Can I Use It For ?

3D printing is being used in almost every industry you can think of. Industries such as Healthcare, Engineering , Architecture, Automotive, Fashion and Education. From making dentures and prosthetics, to scale models, prototypes, to testing new thermal designs for space travel.




CNN Expains 3D Printing

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